Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Winter Wonderland... Part One

We are in the midst of heavy snow right now, and under a blizzard watch until tomorrow morning, with a prediction of 5 to 25 inches depending upon the part of the city. What the prediction is for my part of the city, I really can't tell! But the bottom line is: Snow, and lots of it. I have no idea how much snow we have here, because it's basically been snowing sideways all day.  Our yard is covered in snow, but our picnic bench is almost completely clear.  It's rather humorous to look outside at a winter wonderland with a naked picnic bench in the middle of it.

We're enjoying a "snow day" off from homeschooling today, and the menfolk are off work as well. We also have a house guest, my brother-in-law, who we picked up on Sunday so that I could take him to his doctor's appointment today. WELL, that didn't happen.  It seems that every time he comes to town, he brings the snow with him, so if you're looking for someone to blame, consider him.  :)  

I'm enjoying watching the snow, and especially enjoying watching our kittens stare at the blowing snow for hours until falling asleep right in front of the sliding glass doors.  I'm very hopeful that nothing will happen to cause us to lose our electricity.  We lose our electricity at some point every year (either during rainstorms or snowstorms), and the fact that we have an extra person with us this week AND that two people in the house seem to have caught some sort of stomach bug... well, I just don't think that losing our electricity would be beneficial to my mental well being.  :)

And now, in the spirit of my pastor's photo challenge, here are two pictures from earlier today of a frosty spider web that I noticed on the outside of our living room window.  


Anonymous said...

That is a neat spider web. I do not believe I have ever seen one frosted up before.

Ab had the stomach bug, probably the same one. She started complaining of stomach pain around 9 or 10 p.m. and she lost it three times overnight, the last time about 4 a.m. She moaned all day till about 3 p.m. and now she seems fine. I hope it was not food related from Fifth Sunday.

Did I mention that part of your challenge has to include at least one picture of your husband that we have not seen before? New rule.

Vikki said...

Perhaps you are unaware of the serious medical condition that he suffers from... photo-itis. :) But I will see what I can do!

Poor Ab! I don't think ours was food related from Sunday, because Jimmy (B-I-L) was the first to get sick today... unless of course he got the bug from us and just ended up being the first to show signs of it. At this point, 50% of us have been sick with the stomach bug... Jimmy and the kids. Surely it wasn't the after effect of the recipe I just posted on my recipe blog. haha.