Monday, February 7, 2011

Forty by 40: Update #2

In light of the suffering that a family that we dearly love is going through right now, this post feels somewhat frivolous.  However, I do want to try and maintain some sense of accountability when it comes to my weight loss goal, so... here is my second Forty by 40 update.  (I missed updating last week.)

Total weight lost in week two:  0.5 pounds 
Total exercise completed in week two:  28 minutes  

Total weight lost in week three:  1.5 pounds 
Total exercise completed in week three:  N/A

Total weight loss since January 17th:  7.5 pounds
Total weight left to lose by July 9th: 34.5 pounds
Time remaining in the Forty by 40 challenge: 21.5 weeks

Also noteworthy:  My nephew G is doing Weight Watchers with me, and has lost six pounds!  :) 


Bridget said...

Good for you Vikki! I am praying for you!

Bridget said...

How did I miss the note about G??? WAY TO GO G!!!!!

Vikki said...

Thank you from both of us!!! :)