Thursday, January 20, 2011

What Happened to Modesty?

While searching tonight for various things online, I came across the book Christian Modesty: The Public Undressing of America. I haven't yet read the book, and so I can't vouch for it, but it looks VERY interesting. Here's how it's described on Amazon: 

The Church is being destroyed by sacred cows. A "sacred cow" is an untouchable subject that we are not supposed to discuss. To do so impinges upon another's "Christian liberty." Certainly, there are few sacred cows quite as sacred as the right of modern Christians to dress however they please. But in this groundbreaking work, Jeff Pollard challenges us to embrace God's standard and to understand the historical roots of the rise of nudity and immodesty in modern culture. His perspective is thoughtful and balanced. Most importantly, he accomplishes what few authors on this subject have achieved: a treatise that avoids both license and legalism. A courageous booklet.

I have found the book available for free here (in PDF form). Enjoy!  

P.S.  I would still love to have some feedback on my last post... anyone??  Hello?  Is this thing on??


Bridget said...

I skimmed thru the pdf and can't wait to sit down and read it all! Good Job Vikki!!!

Sherry said...

I did buy this book and it is a good one.
I have loaned it out many times so I will see if I still have it but if I do you are welcome to borrow it.

Vikki said...


I wouldn't dare!! I still have TWO of your books that you've loaned me in the past!!! :( What a bad borrower I am!

Plus, I can just read the whole thing on the internet, and the internet won't think that I'm a bad friend for taking too long to read it. hee hee :)

Anonymous said...

I have the book. It is a quick read. I can loan it to you and I keep track of loans on my Librarything so I will be certain to get it back.