Friday, January 21, 2011

Forty by 40

I interrupt this Frugal Friday to bring you a public service announcement.  Although I am "39 and holding"... and would love to permanently keep that title, the truth is that I will be (gasp) 40 in six months.  And on that note, I hereby commit myself to "forty by 40."  My goal is to lose 40 pounds by July 9th.

About ten years ago, my (then) workplace had a "Weight Watchers at Work" program, and several co-workers and I signed up and followed the program together.  I have no doubt that my success (I lost about 25 pounds) was due to the accountability... we all would traipse off each week to our meeting together and announce to each other how much weight we'd lost that week, and so NOT sticking with the plan was really unthinkable to me.  Was it that I was motivated... or was it that I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of my co-workers?  Well, it was probably both. Hence my decision to make this announcement to my blog friends. Hopefully you all will motivate me... or embarrass me... into sticking with it.  :)

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