Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The World is Ending and I'm a Hypocrite

My nineteen year old nephew believes the world is going to end in 2012.

Or does he?

Last night, I asked my brother-in-law to drive him to a class that he is court ordered to attend.  On the way to the class, my brother-in-law asked him if he truly believes that.  He responded very enthusiastically and told him that he believes it completely.

But does he really? 

Last week, he talked to me about not knowing if he should pay cash for a car, or if he should get a car loan so that he can build up his credit.  If someone truly believes that the world is going to end in 2012, that person is not going to care about building his credit.  Why worry about your credit if the world is going to end in two years?

We also discussed his legal troubles, and his anger about the possibility of being a convicted felon who wouldn't be able to legally own a handgun.  But who cares about not being able to own a gun in the future, when the world will be ending in two years??

Obviously his actions don't match up with his beliefs.  You might even come to the conclusion that he doesn't really believe what he says he does.

Seems pretty silly, doesn't it?


Until I start thinking about how my actions don't always match up with my beliefs.  And then it suddenly becomes very sobering.

If my nephew were to die today, he would go to hell.

The majority of our extended family would join him.

Am I on my knees daily, crying out to God to save my family members?  Am I sharing my faith?  Sometimes.  But not always.  Why not?  Do I not believe what the Bible says will happen to the unsaved?

We have a lot of drama and sinful situations in our extended family.  There's always SOMETHING crazy going on.  Am I bothered by their sins because it's offensive to God, and because if they die in their sins they will go to hell?  Or am I selfishly being bothered by their sins because of the way it affects me and my life?

In less than three weeks, I will be leaving my job outside the home and entering a new phase of my life as a stay at home wife and homeschooling aunt.  Am I trusting in God to provide all our needs?  Or am I too busy panicking over the thought of losing 54% of our income, rather than believing His promise that He will take care of us?

Please pray for me that I will be consistent in living what I believe, and that my life will be clearly lived on the right side of the fence, rather than appearing to straddle it.


Stacey said...

Very well said and convicting! Thanks for sharing and I will be praying for you.

Alexandra said...

What a great post, Mrs. McCleary. I'll be praying for y'all!

Bridget said...

I will continue to pray for you.

Anonymous said...

Lord, Increase our faith. Luke 17:5.

Sherry said...

Great post! This is so true, we live what we REALLY BELIEVE.
A great example is your life right now! You BELIEVE what God says about being a "keeper at home", so your taking the necessary steps to live it out! Praise the Lord!