Saturday, May 8, 2010

Three Years Ago Today....

Three years ago today, my Smoochie graduated from high school. To say that it was an emotional time for me would be an understatement!! I'm a bit over attached, you could say. :)

My baby boy. I LOVE this picture so much. I remember what a strange feeling it was to see my (then) 18 year old bearded son wearing his cap and gown, holding a picture of his former baby faced self graduating from Kindergarten twelve years before. :')

What a difference twelve years make! Steven went to the same small Christian school for all thirteen years: Kindergarten through 12th grade. Sarah, Steven, and Desiree are the only ones who were there together for all thirteen years... so, of course, we just had to recreate the picture from their Kindergarten graduation, twelve years prior. :)

This post would not be complete without this red-eyed, splotchy-faced picture of my "nieceter"! My son graduated from a small Christian school, and there were nine students in his graduating class. Since the graduating classes are so small, they're able to do a really personalized graduation for each student, which includes each student's own slideshow of pictures of him/herself through the years, set to the song of each student's choice. They also have a tradition called "the rose ceremony". Each graduating senior (one at a time) takes roses out to the audience and gives them to those people who are particularly special to them. She had NO IDEA that Steven was going to come out to the audience and give her a rose, and when he did, she burst into tears and cried for the remainder of the graduation ceremony! Afterwards, she said what has remained one of our all time favorite lines ever: "My feelings were touched." :)


Bridget said...

Seeing Kenzie like that brought tears to me eyes! How very special and sweet :-). I also noticed the very "victorianish" thingy she was wearing over her dress.... I know a few Rovirosa girls who would have been "crazy" over that!

Sherry said...

I love this post! SOOOO sweet to see the picture of your son with his kindergarden picture! And the 3original students all grown up together so cute! The picture of
Kenzie is priceless!:)
Thanks for sharing!