Monday, June 20, 2011

Ten Years Ago This Month

Ten years ago this month, our niece and nephew moved in with us, and our family has never been the same. :) 

For ten years, I have tried to fulfill the "mom" role in their lives.

I've tried to teach them about fashion.

I've tried to teach them about modesty and about biblical manhood/womanhood.

I've tried to make dental hygiene a priority.

I've tried to encourage them to stand out in a crowd and not try to be like everyone else.

I've taught them to have good table manners... always stay clean and neat...

...and to never fall for practical jokes.

I require total attention to schoolwork...

...and I've also tried to encourage an interest in politics, particularly during the historic event of the election of President Obama.

And last but not least, I require that the children at least TRY to get along.

**You may want to click on the pictures for a larger view of them!**

And on a more serious note, I'd just like to say that it has been a blessing to have the privilege of mothering these two. God knew that they would need me when their mother walked out... and that I would need them years later when my son moved out. 


Bridget said...

LOVED this post!!! On a serious note, you have and are doing a great job. K & G are wonderful children and I do believe it has a lot to do with you :).

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! Great pictures and commentary!

Sherry said...

What ADORABLE pictures!!! They were (still are) SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!
I laughed, then cried through this post! Such a beautiful story of God's provision for both them and you, He is so faithful!!!Praise the Lord! You are doing such a GREAT job and such an example to so many! Thanks for being an inspiration!

Rachel said...

Oh Vikki! This made me cry and laugh at the same time! What a blessing it is to see how God turned a bad situation into a good one! We love you all so much!

Vikki said...

This was a fun post to write, and all the comments have been very touching! Thank you all for all your encouragement!! :)