Friday, December 3, 2010

Frugal Friday!

Just when my three blog readers had given up on Frugal Friday, it rises from the ashes like a phoenix! Ok, well maybe not. But I received this email offer today and I thought it was too good to not share. :)

For today only, WholesomeChildhood is offering a bundle of 13 pdf cooking books for $5.99. It's available to the first 500 customers only. I'm ordering it, and I think several of my two blog readers (haha) might be interested in the Classic books (old-fashioned type). They look so cute! They are storybook/cookbooks that appear to be old-fashioned stories about girls learning how to cook, etc.

* The Homeschool Family Favorites Cookbook
* Homeschool Kids in the Kitchen
* Hands On Recipes for Homeschool Kids
* The Big Book of Christmas Treats
* 100 Fun Food Recipes for Creative Cooks
* The Mary Frances Cookbook: Adventures Among the Kitchen People
* A Little Cookbook for a Little Girl
* A Little Candy Book for a Little Girl
* Six Little Cooks or Aunt Jane's Cooking Class
* When Mother Lets Us Cook
* The Fun of Cooking: A Story for Boys and Girls
* The Big Brownies Cookbook
* The Big Banana Cookbook

Here's the link! I was quite excited when I realized that today is Friday and I could pawn this off as a Frugal Friday post. :)

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Anonymous said...

I am ordering right now. Shhh... don't tell. It may be a Christmas gift for the youngest two of my one blog readers (haha).