Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Sounds!

We're doing some housecleaning and list making today as we prepare to leave for Texas Thursday to visit my sister! The house is filled with sounds that I love... thunder, rain, and a certain 12 year old boy belting out "And Can it Be That I Should Gain?" while he vacuums. :)

I'm so thankful that the kids have fallen in love with hymns!


Bridget said...

:) I love it! (and a certain 12 year old boy)

Vikki said...


Anonymous said...

We always catch Abilene humming or singing some obscure hymns, not the standard stuff. And both of them subtly correct me when I sing the wrong words I can't remember - they seem to always remember them.

Yes, happy sounds indeed!

FlaggardFamily said...

Yes I would have to agree! Beautiful!!!