Friday, February 19, 2010

Snowflakes? Or snowballs?!

Snowflakes the size of cotton balls are falling outside at this very moment. (A much needed pick-me-up today, I might add, after this morning's trip to the vet w/my scottish terrier.) I'm reeeeeeally ready for winter to be over, but these snowflakes are too pretty to be mad about!

My phone doesn't take good videos, since I either can't zoom... or don't know how to zoom. The latter is probably accurate. :) Watch the video all the way through so that you can see the actual size of a snowflake that plopped onto my car door right at the end.

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Sherry said...

Hello Vikki!
I did not know you had a blog! I was so excited to find it! It is adorable, I love the colors and theme! I enjoyed that video too! Keep up the good work!